SITRANS LUC500 is a complete ultrasonic level controller for monitoring and control of water distribution and wastewater collection systems, with energy-saving algorithms.

It combines non-contacting ultrasonic technology, patented echo-processing techniques and proven application software to provide accurate level monitoring in liquids up to 15 m (50 ft). It also effectively monitors flow in flumes, weirs and open channels. Five relays control any combination of pumps, gate valves and alarms. Further advantages include fault signalling and data logging for trend analysis. It can log the time, date and volume of up to 20 occurrences of combined sewer overflows (CSO).

The basic device has 8 digital inputs, 5 digital outputs, 1 analog input, 1 ultrasonic level point, differential/average capability and one RS-232 interface with Modbus® RTU/ASCII protocol. The device can be expanded by additional I/Os, more RAM, two channels, RS-485 or SmartLinx communications models as your needs grow.

It integrates seamlessly with SCADA or DCS systems or a PLC system to provide remote access to all system parameters (pumped volume, pump runtime, pump status). The integral telemetry interface (Modbus RTU/ASCII) allows remote control in real time.

Key Applications: wet well/lift station control, weirs/flumes, open channels

SITRANS LUC500 is available for rack mountpanel mount or wall mount


  • Monitoring and control in one device

  • Integral telemetry interface (Modbus RTU/ASCII)

  • Patented algorithm for calculation of pumped volume within 5% accuracy

  • Logging of pump runtime and number of pump starts

  • Expandable with I/Os, RAM for data logging, dual point, SmartLinx communications and RS-485 interface

  • Simple system configuration and diagnostics with Siemens Milltronics Dolphin Plus Windows®-based software

  • AC or DC power supply

Reference : siemens

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