SITRANS LG200 is a guided wave radar transmitter for short and medium range level, level/interface and volume measurement of liquids and solids. It is unaffected by changes in process conditions, high temperatures and pressures, and steam.

SITRANS LG200 provides accurate measurement in level, volume, and interface applications. For short and extended applications, LG200 offers coaxial, single or twin rod probes, and single or twin cable probes up to 22.5 m (75 ft).

SITRANS LG200 measures accurately in liquid or slurry applications of corrosive vapors, foam, saturated steam, high viscosity, quick fill/empty rates, low levels and varying dielectrics and product densities.

Ideal for retrofitting torque tube applications, SITRANS LG200 chamber replacement probe can be mounted in existing chambers or cages for optimal measurement.

Key applications: hydrocarbon processing, interface/level measurement, low dielectric liquids, high temperature/pressure applications, powdered solids with high angle of repose.


  • Coaxial, rigid, and flexible single or twin rods for many applications

  • Measures accurately on materials with dielectric (dK) as low as 1.4

  • Guided wave radar measurement for up to 2.5 mm (0.12”) accuracy

  • Measures level and interface on challenging applications including foam

  • 3 button programming for quick setup

  • Reliable level measurement on harsh applications with pressure up to 430 bar g (6250 psi g) and temperatures as high as 427 °C (800 °F).

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