FUS-LDS Leak Detection System

The Siemens FUS-LDS Leak Detection System offers a complete software and hardware solution for liquid pipelines. The FUS-LDS uses clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters mounted directly onto the pipeline. SIMATIC WinCC leak detection software monitors all flowmeters and pipeline segments, serving as a quick and reliable way for the pipeline operator to detect and localize leaks.

The FUS-LDS does not require continuous operator attention, because the alarm thresholds are pre-set and alert the operator when attention is needed. The system also has the ability to detect very small leaks by allowing the operator to utilize “visual trending.” A fully optimized system eliminates the occurrence of false alarms.

This system lives up to the requirements of pipeline companies and regulatory agencies while ultimately satisfying one major goal: providing users and the community with peace of mind.


  • Complete software and hardware solution offering the user a single supplier responsibility

  • Real-time detection of small and large unauthorized product releases for both dynamic and static flow conditions

  • Protection against product theft

  • SIMATIC WinCC’s advanced Graphic User Interface (GUI) allows for pipeline status identification without constant operator monitoring

  • Easily accessible pipeline performance data facilitating multiproduct identification, batch tracking and pig tracking

  • Segment feature allows user to highlight specific flowmeter or line segment to obtain real-time information via software pop-up screens

  • Meets API 1130 “Computational Pipeline Monitoring for Liquid Pipelines” and PHMSA 195.444 CPM Leak Detection requirements for safety, helping to protect the environment and limit contamination issues

Reference : siemens

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