SITRANS F US Thickness Gauge

The easy-to-use, stand-alone digital ultrasonic pipe wall thickness gauge is an indispensable tool in accurate clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement. Since even the smallest miscalculation of the pipe wall thickness can have a major impact on a clamp-on flowmeter's accuracy, the pipe thickness gauge has to be extremely precise.

This is why the standard probe operates at a 5 MHz frequency enabling it to measure even the smallest pipe thickness. Although the thickness gauge was originally designed to increase the accuracy of clamp-on flowmeters, it can be used to measure the thickness of any pipe wall. 

The stand-alone thickness gauge can be used with all of the configurable systems:

SITRANS FUS1010 (Standard)

SITRANS FUP1010 (Portable)

SITRANS FUE1010 (Energy)


SITRANS FUH1010 (Interface Detection)


SITRANS FUS1020 (Basic)

as well as the pre-configured check metering kits:

SITRANS FUP1010 for water applications

SITRANS FUE1010 for energy applications


  • Measures pipe wall thicknesses easily

  • Works on various metallic and non-metallic pipe materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium, plastics and ceramics

  • Displays results in inches or millimeter

Reference : siemens

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