SITRANS FUE1010 Energy

The portable SITRANS FUE1010 Energy Check Metering Kit for the HVAC industry is the perfect tool for district energy cooling and chilled water applications as well as power plants where it is an easy-to-use source for checking the performance and accuracy of existing energy meters.

The kit is also well-suited for conducting HVAC application surveys not being metered and air conditioning system balancing. The meter can be set to calculate the kW usage for various functions, including cooling load (kW/ton), coefficient of performance (COP) and energy efficiency ratio (EER).

The SITRANS FUE1010 kit comes in a sturdy rolling case with a telescope handle that holds all the equipment needed to conduct performance and verification tests including cables, four pairs of high precision transducers, two pairs of resistance temperature detectors (RTD’s), one impact resistant IP 40 (NEMA 1) transmitter, a certificate of "Intrinsic Calibration", and more. As with all of the check metering kits, the range can easily by extended by purchasing additional mounting straps/chains.

Application examples include chilled and hot water sub-metering, condenser water, potable water, ammonia and glycol, river and lake water and  lake source cooling.

Pair the SITRANS FUE1010 Energy Check Metering Kit with the SITRANS F US  Thickness Gauge  to ensure precise flow measurement.


  • Permits performance check and verification of any type or brand of flow meter

  • Minimizes capital cost by enabling simultaneous measurement of two pipes (dual channel)

  • Rolling case and battery power facilitates use in the field

  • Ensures high accuracy measurement with the precision-matched 1000 Ohm platinum RTD’s

Reference : siemens

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