The SITRANS FUS880 is a battery-powered flowmeter that can be retrofitted onto existing pipelines and is approved for underground installation and operation. It has been developed especially for the irrigation industry and can measure on single or double walled pipes and on smooth or corrugated constructions.

The meter has wetted transducers assuring superior accuracy and performance. It has galvanic isolated pulse outputs for both flow directions and a display that indicates measured values, signal and operation information.

The SITRANS FUS880 flowmeter consists of a sensor and transmitter. For details and information about the transmitter, see SITRANS FUS080.

Application Examples: Irrigation distribution systems, Pumping stations, On-farm outlets


  • Easy to install as all components are included in the package

  • Battery operated version, with life-time up to 6 years

  • Robust design with solid construction and has no moving parts

  • Sensor can easily be buried and withstand constant flooding

  • Quick and easy viewing of meassured values (flow and volume)

Reference : siemens

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