The 2-track SITRANS FUE380 is the custody transfer approved version of SITRANS FUS380. It can be verified and sealed for use in various countries. The approvals (MID, EN 1434 and OIML R75) are valid for energy  metering systems. The battery or mains supply powered SITRANS FUE380 has a display that indicates various measurement values and diagnostics. In addition, it features an IrDA optical interface for communication with SIMATIC PDM used for data transfer. Optional add-on RS 232 and RS 485  modules include MODBUS RTU protocol.

The SITRANS FUE380 flowmeter consists of a sensor and transmitter. For details and information about the transmitter, see SITRANS FUS080.

The flowmeter can be combined with an  energy calculator, see  SITRANS FUE950.

Application Examples:  For custody transfer  applications  in District heating plants, Local networks, Boiler stations, Substations, Chiller plants, Irrigation plants and other general water applications


  • Flexibility to customize your perfect flowmeter solution

  • Designed to provide accurate high-resolution energy measurement

  • Provides uncompromising performance for high volume, water-based applications

  • Approved according to the MID directive and is designed and approved for custody transfer

  • Custody transfer sealed  to  ensure total data security

Reference : siemens

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