The sensor is protected in a pressure-rated stainless steel enclosure. In non-Ex applications, two purge ports support installation of a pressure guard.  The modular transmitter is designed for compact and remote installation, easy to mount on a  wall or pipe.

The  complete flowmeter system SITRANS FC430 can be ordered for standard, hygienic or NAMUR service. All versions can be ordered for CT service, according to OIML R117 (Liquids other than water).

All compact variants can be validated and configured for SIL2 or SIL3 operation as standard. SIL3 operation requires two flowmeters in series and monitored by a SIL rated control system.

The flowmeter is based on the latest developments within digital signal processing technology – engineered for high measuring performance:

  • Fast response to  rapid changes in flow

  • Fast dosing applications

  • High immunity against process noise

  • High turndown ratio of flowrates

  • Suitable for liquid and gas service

  • Easy to install, commission and maintain


  • It is narrow and light,  fitting neatly into dense piping arrangements

  • Easy maintenance because modules can be exchanged rapidly

  • Effective separation of measurement from plant vibration

  • Highly secure operation in safety critical applications

  • Non-volatile memory of all setup and operation data

  • Reliable measurements due to high signal to noise ratio

  • Secure, digital transfer of measurement data from the Sensor

  • SensorFlash transfers setup and operating data, providing simple sensor replacement

  • Short overall length; easy drop-in replacement into most existing installations

Reference : siemens

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