The sensor design consists of process connections, inlet and outlet manifolds mounted in a stiff frame and two parallel tubes equally sharing the process medium flow.  The sensor is protected in a pressure-rated stainless steel enclosure. In non-Ex applications, two purge ports support installation of a pressure guard.

The sensing tubes have a CompactCurve™ design which gives high sensitivity and low pressure loss. The CompactCurve™ was selected to ensure that the smallest flows are measured with optimal signal to noise ratio.

The sensor frame isolates the metering section from plant vibration by conducting them directly through to adjacent pipeline. Careful mounting of the pipeline with regard to minimizing vibration at the meter will ensure a secure measurement environment.

In order to make a complete flowmeter system, the SITRANS FCS400 flow sensor must be combined with the transmitter SITRANS FCT030.


  • High measurement frequency

  • High signal to noise ratio

  • Digital signal transfer

  • SensorFlash® removable SD card transfers setup and operating data

  • SIL3 safety integration certified at design level

  • Certified for custody transfer

Typical applications: Dosing within chemical industry (dosing of chemicals), Food & beverage industry (beer, juices, liquid such as chocolate, dressings) and Automotive industry (Engine test rigs).


  • Reliable measurements due to high signal to noise ratio

  • Effective separation of measurement from plant vibration

  • Secure, digital transfer of measurement data to the Transmitter

  • Highly secure operation in safety critical applications

  • Because it is narrow and light, it fits neatly into dense piping arrangements

  • Short overall length; easy drop-in replacement into most existing installation

  • Easy maintenance because modules can be exchanged rapidly

  • SensorFlash transfers setup and operating data and provides simple sensor replacement

Reference : siemens

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