Calibration weight lifter Milltronics

Milltronics MWL Weight Lifter is a mechanical calibration weight lifter for MSI, MMI, MBS, MCS, and MUS belt scales.

Milltronics MWL mechanically raises and lowers the static weights and then stores the weights securely above the belt scale calibration arms, and allows the operator to lower and apply them safely without having to lean into the conveyor. The MWL is manually operated, and uses a high mechanical advantage to enable weights up to 340 kg (750 lbs) to be applied with very limited effort. The crank handle uses twelve rotations for full range of motion, and can be removed and stored for safety with the locking ball-pin which secures the MWL when it is not in use.

Two lifting arms support a base-bar weight above the test-weight brackets of the belt scale: either flat bar or round bar style calibration weights are applicable. Locating notches in the base-bar weight engage the calibration weights securely on the lifting arms in the stored position, and the gear drive locks the lifting arms in place.

Installation is easy, just four bolt holes to drill after locating the MWL gear modules (LH and RH) on the conveyor with respect to the belt scale. After running the MWL empty to ensure proper alignment, and then tightening mounting bolts, you are ready for the loading of the test weights. This is the last time that they will have to be lifted by hand.


  • Safe and easy application of belt scale reference weights with the operator remaining external to the conveyor

  • Modular construction, easily adaptable to different conveyor widths

  • Low profile allowing easy fit into belt conveyor

  • Easy to install and apply

  • Easy to store drive handle that can be applied to left or right side of MWL

  • Security pin used to ensure safe storage of weight

  • Can be used with new and existing applications

Reference : siemens

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