Speed Sensor Milltronics TASS

Milltronics TASS is a compact low-profile, wheel-driven return belt speed sensor, ideal for use on mobile crushers and in constricted spaces.

Milltronics TASS speed sensor operates in conjunction with a conveyor belt scale, providing signals to an integrator which computes the rate of material being conveyed. The trailing arm speed sensor monitors conveyor belt speed, with the output signal transmitted by cable connection to the integrator.

Easily installed close to the belt scale assembly, the TASS provides a signal generated as the wheel rotates on the return belt. Pulses are generated by the internal proximity switch detecting the rotation of the five spoked wheel. The TASS is mounted to the static beam of the belt scale or to a structural cross member via a pivoting bracket assembly.

The TASS is a compact, low-profile, rugged speed sensor, most often used on mobile crusher applications where space is limited. The TASS output can be applied to any Milltronics belt scale integrator.


  • Rugged design 

  • Easy, low cost installation

  • Compact, low-profile speed sensor

  • IP65 rated

Reference : siemens

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