The SIWAREX MULTIFILL software supports parallel operation (bagging, filling, loading) of several scales (up to 16) in one automation system. All the scales can be operated by one operator with a control unit SIMATIC HMI e.g. TP170B. The software is open and extensively commented so that the user can change, extend and easily adapt the software to customers' wishes. SIWAREX MULTISCALE software is provided for operation in batching plants or mixers.

SIWAREX MULTIFILL is the optimum solution wherever direct integration of the weighing technology in the automation systems brings advantages. The weighing is then a part of complex processes which are controlled by the automation system. Calibratable weighing plants such as bagging plants, loading stations, rotopackers can be set up at low cost with SIWAREX FTA and SIWAREX MULTIFILL software.

Typical application ranges: Simultaneous filling of liquids at several points, Simultaneous bagging at several points in the packing plant, Simultaneous material loading at several loading stations.


  • Can be used for 2 to 16 scales

  • Can be used for autarchic or networked scales

  • Cpen and prepared for project-specific extensions

Reference : siemens

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