SIWAREX MULTISCALE is a software package written in the STEP7 language AWL to support the configuration of batching plants. The SIWAREX MULTISCALE software package enables small and medium-sized batching plants to be configured rapidly and efficiently. SIWAREX MULTISCALE is compatible with the Simatic S7-300 and Simatic S7-400 automation systems, and supports the use of SIWAREX FTA as the proportioning weigher (SWE-fill operating mode) For the operating and monitoring functions, Series 270 or 370 SIMATIC HMI operator/touch panels can be used.

SIWAREX MULTISCALE is the ideal solution in any situation where there are benefits to be gained from integrating weighing technology directly into the automation system. The weighing is then a part of complex processes which are controlled by the automation system. SIWAREX FTA and SIWAREX MULTISCALE software enables batching plants to be developed cost-effectively.

Typical application ranges: Multi-component dosing for a scale, multi-component dosing of more than one scale according to a recipe.


  • Scalability - it can be used for 1 to 9 scales per production lineĀ 

  • Open interfaces prepared for project-specific extensions

Reference : siemens

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