Configuration package S7


The SIWAREX modules U, CS, MS, FTC and FTA all have their own configuration packages.

They contain:

  • Windows configuration tool SIWATOOL 

  • HPS Hardware Support Package for integration in SIMATIC S7 

  • sample program “Getting started” for SIMATIC S7 

  • manuals

The SIWAREX weighing modules can be started up quickly with Windows comfort using the "SIWATOOL" parameterization software. All adjustable parameters of the weighing modules can be defined in input masks, saved and printed out on a printer for the system documentation. HSPs serve to integrate the SIWAREX modules U/CS/FTC and FTA in SIMATIC S7. The respective manuals are provided in electronic form. The sample program “Getting started” supports starting the setup of applications. It contains the Step7 Software as well as ready-to-use WinCC flexible faceplates for commisionierung and operating the scale.Each SIWAREX module U, CS, MS and FTA has its own configuration package. For SIWAREX FTC three configuration packages are provided: SIWAREX FTC as belt scale, as bulk flow meter and as loss-in-wieght scale.


  • fast commissioning with Windows configuration tool SIWATOOL

  • fast integration in SIMATIC with “Getting started” Software

  • fast error detection in Online mode due to versatile diagnosis options

Reference : siemens

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