Weighing module SIWAREX CS

The SIWAREX CS is a compact weighing electronics for the Decentral Peripheral System  ET 200S from SIMATIC.

SIWAREX CS is the optimum solution wherever strain gauge sensors, such as load cells, force sensors or torque measuring shafts, are used for measuring tasks.

The following are typical SIWAREX CS applications: Non-automatic weighing machines , fill level monitoring of silos and bunkers, measuring of crane and cable loads, load measuring of industrial lifts and roll trains, weighing in potentially explosive areas (zone 2 direct, zone 1 using Ex interface SIWAREX IS) , monitoring of belt tension, force measuring, container weighers, platform scales and crane scales.


  • Standardized construction technology and universal communication due to the integration in SIMATIC S7

  • Application in the decentral system concept by connecting to PROFIBUS DP through ET 200S

  • Measuring weight or force with a resolution of 65,000 parts

  • Display can be connected

  • Extensive diagnostic capabilities

  • Simple parameter definition with the SIWATOOL CS program

  • Theoretical adjustment without adjustment weights

  • Modules can be exchanged without readjusting the scale

  • Can be used for Ex-applications

Reference : siemens

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