Weighing module SIWAREX U

The SIWAREX U is a versatile weighing module for all simple weighing and force measuring tasks. It is either used centrally in a SIMATIC S7-300 or decentrally linked via PROFIBUS-DP to an S7-400, SIMATIC S5 or systems of other manufacturers. Examples of its uses include filling levels in storage silos and containers for monitoring crane loads, measuring conveyor belt loads, and as an overload protection for industrial lifts or mill trains. That means, anywhere, where weights need to be recorded and transferred to the automation system for processing as quickly as possible, with no bias and without the need for an additional interface.

With SIWAREX U and further standard components from the SIMATIC range, we can offer you the optimum hardware and software environment.

If, for example, a 1 or 2-channel SIWAREX U is used with the SIMATIC CPU 312 C, the result is a very cost effective, freely programmable weighing system with a total of ten digital inputs and six digital outputs.


  • Uniform design technology and consistent communication in SIMATIC

  • Measurement of weight or force with a high resolution of 65000 parts and an accuracy of 0.05%

  • Space saving through use of two-channel version for two Scales

  • Direct connection of a remote display to the TTY interface

  • Supports theoretical adjustment without adjustment weights

  • Supports replacement of module without renewed adjustment of scale

  • Simple Parameterizing with SIWATOOL

  • Intrinsically-safe load cell supply for the hazardous area zones 1,2 (optional)

  • Can be used for Ex-applications

Reference : siemens

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