Weighing module SIWAREX FTC

SIWAREX FTC (Flexible Technology for Continuous Weighing) is a versatile and flexible weighing module for conveyor scales, loss-in-weigh scales and bulk flow meters. It can also be used to record weights and measure force. The SIWAREX FTC function module is integrated in SIMATIC S7/PCS7, and uses the features of this modern automation system, such as integral communication, diagnostics and configuration tools.

The SIWAREX FTC weighing module is the optimum solution wherever high demands are placed on continuous weighing procedures. Thanks to its outstanding measuring properties, weights can be measured with extreme accuracy in up to three ranges.Typical areas of application are belt load measurement, flowrate measurement, belt volume measurement, material loading and bidirectional force measurement.


  • Uniform structure and universal communication through the integration in the SIMATIC S7 and SIMATIC PCS7

  • Application in the decentralized system concept by connecting to PROFIBUS DP / PROFINET through ET 200M

  • Weight measurement or force to resolutions of 16 million parts

  • Precision (0.5 ┬ÁV per e)

  • High measuring rate of 10 ms

  • Parameter definable input and output functions

  • Flexible adjustment for various SIMATIC requirements

  • Simple parameter definition with the SIWATOOL FTC program through the RS 232 interface

  • Module exchanging without readjusting the scale is possible

  • Scale progress recording/logging

  • Intrinsically safe load cell supply for Ex-Zone 1 (optional)

  • Application in Ex-Zone 2

  • Extensive diagnostic functions

Reference : siemens

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