Integrator Milltronics BW500

Milltronics BW500 is a full feature integrator for use with both belt scales and weighfeeders.

Milltronics BW500/L is an integrator for use in basic belt scale or weighbelt applications

Milltronics BW500 and BW500/L operate with a belt scale and a speed sensor. Belt load and speed signals are processed for accurate flow rate and totalized weight of bulk solids.

BW500 can take on lower level control functions traditionally handled by other devices, and it supports popular industrial communication buses. Its  proven load cell balance function eliminates matching of load cells.

The PID function may be used for rate control on shearing weighfeeders - where belt loading is constant - but can also control pre-feeding devices. Operating in tandem with two or more weighfeeders, the BW500 may be used for ratio blending and controlling additives. Batching, load out, and alarm functions are also provided by the BW500.

Dolphin Plus software may be used for programming the unit on a PC.


  • Automatic zero and electronic span calibration

  • Alarms for rate, load, speed, or diagnostic error

  • On-board Modbus®, optional PROFIBUS DP, Allen-Bradley® RIO and DeviceNet™

  • Comprehensive weighfeeder control functions

  • PID control and on-line calibration with optional analog I/O card

  • Differential speed detection with second speed sensor

  • Moisture meter input with optional analog I/O card for calculation of dry weight

  • Inclinometer input with optional analog I/O card to compensate for conveyor slope

  • Suitable for belt scale custody approval

  • Measurement Canada and NTEP approved

Reference : siemens

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