Integrator Milltronics BW100

Milltronics BW100 is an economical integrator for use with belt scales.

Milltronics BW100 integrator works with single or dual strain gauge load cell-based belt scales. With a speed sensor, it measures flow rate and totalized weight of bulk solids. It electronically balances the weigh bridge load cells to provide exceptional accuracy. The system is unaffected by uneven lateral loading so there is no need for load cell matching or mechanical balancing.

The large backlit display features a bar graph comparing current rate to full scale, reducing the possibility of human error.

The unit has a four-button control pad with tactile feedback keys used to set all parameters, or you can use Dolphin Plus software for programming and downloading through a PC or laptop.


  • Multi-field backlit LCD

  • two remote totalizer contacts

  • Auto zero function

  • Load linearization

  • Isolated mA output

  • Programmable relay

Reference : siemens

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