The IE/WSN-PA LINK is a WirelessHART gateway for connecting a WirelessHART network to a
higher-level system, e.g. a process control system
or maintenance station. The integrated
network manager allows easy configuration
of WirelessHART networks as well as
optimization of the network performance and security settings.


The IE/WSN-PA LINK connects wireless HART field devices to Industrial Ethernet via a radio link. The IE/WSN-PA LINK supports the WirelessHART standard at the radio end and TCP/IP and Modbus TCP communication at the Ethernet end.
The IE/WSN-PA LINK thus allows wireless diagnostics, maintenance, and process monitoring.


  • High degree of security for wireless data communication

  • Open TCP/IP communication

  • Open standardized user interface through HART

  • OPC-Server der HART Communication Foundation

  • Easy configuring and monitoring of networks with web interface

  • Connection of up to 100 WirelessHART devices

  • Easy connection to SIMATIC PCS 7, SIMATIC S7, and host systems from other manufacturers

  • Optional: remote antenna

  • Installation in hazardous areas Zone 2 is possible

  • Enclosure with IP65 degree of protection


  • Numerous possible solutions for connecting field devices in the process industry due to alternative or supplemental WirelessHART communication

  • Reliable data transmission due to meshed systems

  • Obstructions in the transmission path can be bypassed thanks to the self-organizational network with alternative paths

  • Reduced cabling costs in the case of difficult installation conditions, e.g. when field devices are at locations in the plant that are difficult to access or are only required temporarily

  • Sensors can be added later to improve process monitoring and for implementing maintenance tasks

  • Existing wireless measuring transducers can be subsequently integrated into maintenance and diagnostics systems

  • Limited monitoring using web services and the integrated web server of the IE/WSN-PA LINK is possible without add-on software

Reference : siemens

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