The SITRANS R130 is a multifunctional chart paper recorder with ink jet system


  • Fast scanning of inputs: 160 to 320 msec  

  • Recording, without a time offset  

  • Scale of each channel is printed on chart paper, eliminating the need for scales.  

  • Quick control via front panel keys and display  

  • Periodic data printing of date, time, channel no., measured value  

  • List printing of the recording range, scaling value, alarm set value  

  • Alarm printing with channel no., alarm type, time output relay No.  

  • Daily report and totalized data printing with maximum, minimum, average and total of data measured  

  • Printing up to 10 custom messages  

  • Chart paper illumination lamp, optional  

  • A contactless writing method ensures durable high writing quality    

  • Few moveable parts and a robust construction guarantee a high availability

  • Password protection    

Reference : siemens

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