Acoustic Sensors

SITRANS DA400 for continuous monitoring of oscillating positive displacement pumps. The diagnostic system detects even tiny leaks in the delivery valves. As a result, defects can be detected earlier in their development before they affect the process.

The SITRANS DA400 acoustic analyzer can simultaneously and continuously monitor up to four independent delivery valves. Four additional inputs are also available for sensors for monitoring the pump diaphragms and oil.

System operation and configuration are easily done either locally by LCD and keyboard or via PROFIBUS DP / PA.

Status and alarm notification is signaled to the master process control system via digital outputs or via PROFIBUS DP / PA and also available on the local display.


  • Increased plant availability through

    - Optimum maintenance scheduling by early detection of faulty components

    - Precise leak site identification minimizes shutdown and repair time

    - Extended maintenance intervals

    - Increased pump reliability

  • Avoidance of costly successive damages

  • Increased safety in critical applications

  • Early detection of performance declines

  • Increased productivity

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