Gravimetric measurement

Gravimetric measurement of level with SIWAREX weighing technology produces high-precision weight measurement results without any contact with the material. The weight of your product is correctly determined independently of the temperature, container shape, material density, shift in the center of gravity and agitators or the like. Bridging, heaped objects, hopper flow, foam, steam and dust have no effect on the gravimetric measurement.

These advantages enable SIWAREX weighing technology to be used in legal-for-trade plants. Measuring points in potentially explosive areas can be very easily realized with standard components.

We put together the correct load cells and built-in components from our product range for gravimetric measurement to match the particular application, load range and accuracy requirements. Our range extends from platform load cells, bending beams and shear beams to can compression cells in the load classes from 3kg to 280t.

Service-proven load cell technology and separation of the medium mean maximum service life with no special maintenance. This improves plant availability and reduces the operating costs on a permanent basis.

The load cell signals are evaluated by SIWAREX weighing electronics which are seamlessly integrated in the SIMATIC automation system. This enables very easy handling and use of the advantages provided by SIMATIC such as flexibility, a diagnostic interrupt system and much more.


  • Very high accuracy of up to 0.005% independently of ambient conditions and material properties

  • Independent of agitators and container shape

  • Funnel flow, heaped objects and bridging have no influence

  • Suitable for both small containers and large silos (>1000t)

  • Free choice of medium (liquid, powder, …..)

  • Easy integration in SIMATIC / PCS7

  • Use of SIMATIC CPU diagnostic interrupts

  • Uniform access from the control system to all parameters and data of the scales

  • Legal-for-trade measurements possible

  • High plant availability and low operating costs

  • Use of the standard tools STEP7 and SIWATOOL 

  • Ready-to-use SW package for programming and operating the scales in various languages

Reference : siemens

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