SmartLinx® modules provide direct digital connection to popular industrial communications buses with true plug-and-play compatibility with products manufactured by Siemens.

Many Siemens products include HART®, PROFIBUS PA and Modbus communications. For additional communication modules, SmartLinx cards are the answer.

They’re fast and easy to install, and can be added at any time. The module simply plugs into the socket on any SmartLinx-enabled product. They require no secondary private buses or gateways and no separate wiring. There are no extra boxes to connect to your network so there’s a minimum load on engineering and maintenance staff.

SmartLinx provides all data from the instrument, including measurement and status, and allows changes to operation parameters to be done over the bus or telemetry link. The user can select which data in the application layer to transfer over the bus. This selection saves bandwidth and memory and optimizes data throughput and speeds up the network, enabling you to connect more instruments to your network.

  • Fast, easy installation

  • Direct connection: no additional installation required

  • Scaleable application layer allows for optimized network bandwidth and memory requirements

  • Modules available for PROFIBUS DP, Allen-Bradley® Remote I/O, and DeviceNetTM, Modbus RTU

®Modbus is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric.
®Allen-Bradley is a registered trademark of Rockwell Automation
TMDeviceNet is a trademark of Open DeviceNet Vendor Association

Reference : siemens


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