Flow Reporter

Remote monitoring of open channel flow is now easier and more efficient with Flow Reporter, a Windows®-based configuration software and data extractor for use with the Milltronics Open Channel Monitor (OCM III). Flow Reporter lets you monitor and troubleshoot flow readings collected by the OCM III quickly and easily from a remote location like your desktop PC. It can also be used directly in the field with a laptop.

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Activate Flow Reporter by purchasing a license at any time. Purchase the license by contacting the Siemens sales representative nearest you

Download the software and try Flow Reporter 4.0 today.

Order Number

PBD-51035195, Complete kit: one license, disk, and serial interface cable. (Only available through your Siemens sales representative.)

One License: valid for installation on one stationary or mobile computer.

Software Installation

1. Download the software

2. Un-zip the files onto your hard drive (you will require a program such as WinZip® to do this).

3. Run setup.exe and follow the prompts on the screen.


If you are upgrading from a previous version of Flow Reporter, export your data to a safe location and uninstall the previous version. Only then install the new version.

Reference : siemens

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