Easy Aimers 2

The Easy Aimer 2 flange is a cast aluminum aiming device for alignment of Siemens ultrasonic transducers.
The flange has graduated adjustments and an adjustable insertion length. When used for applications with bulk solids, the sensor is mounted so that it is aimed towards the lower level draw point in the silo. The sensor can be rotated through 360° and angled at 0 to 20° off vertical. It must be mounted using an access plate with welded studs or a flange in order to isolate the mounting holes from the pressurized environment. When installed properly, the EA 2 aiming device is capable of withstanding pressures up to 0.5 bar (Europe) or 15 psi (North America). It can even be used in corrosive and aggressive environments.

Reference : siemens

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