Dolphin Plus

Dolphin Plus is instrument configuration software that allows you to quickly and easily configure, monitor, tune and diagnose several Siemens level devices remotely (see list below). Remote access is available using your desktop PC or connected directly in the field using a laptop.

Dolphin Plus is easy to install and use. Just load the software from the CD. In minutes, you’re ready to set up or modify complete parameter configurations for one or more devices.

Following configuration, you can alter parameters, upload and download parameter sets to and from disk, and use parameter sets saved from other instruments. Reading of echo profiles permits fine tuning without the need for special instruments. Built-in quick start wizards and help functions guide you through the entire process. 

Note: The Dolphin Plus software is only available in English 


Dolphin Plus works with the following products:


  • HydroRanger Plus




Connection to a Siemens instrument may be a direct RS-232 serial connection or via an RS-485 converter or Siemens infrared ComVerter, depending on the instrument being configured.

Meets VDE 2187 user interface requirements.


  • Real-time monitoring and adjustment of parameters

  • On-screen visualization of process values

  • Saving and visualization of echo profiles for a wide range of Siemens level meters

  • Copying of data for programming several devices

  • Quick setup and commissioning of device

  • Generation of configuration reports within seconds

Reference : siemens

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