Echomax XLT

Echomax® XLT transducers use ultrasonic technology to measure level in a wide range of bulk solids.

XLT transducers operate with Siemens SITRANS LU transceivers in measuring ranges from 0.9 to 60 m (1.8 to 200 ft) and temperatures up to +150 °C (+300 °F). A beam angle of just 5° provides accurate readings in deep, narrow tanks.

With increased signal sensitivity, the XLT transducers from Siemens can operate in difficult applications such as limestone, cement clinker and hot stone. All models have a sealed aluminum face to withstand very harsh environments.

During operation, Echomax transducers emit acoustic pulses in a narrow beam. The level transceiver measures the propagation time between pulse emission and reception of the echo to calculate the distance from the transducer to the material. Temperature variations are automatically compensated by the integral temperature sensor.

Key Applications: bulk solids including limestone, cement clinker, hot stone and coal bunkers.


  • Sealed aluminium face

  • Integral temperature sensor

  • Self-cleaning and low maintenance

  • Connect using only two wires

  • Easy to install

Referensi : siemens

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