LOGO logic module


Technology with a future which simplifies many things

The compact, user-friendly and low-cost solution for simple
control tasks.
For universal applications in the industry, non-residential
buildings or residential buildings. No wiring is necessary since
functions are linked. Operates in a similar manner as a PLC.
With integrated operator control and display unit for input of
alarm message texts / variables direct at the device.
Easy operation:
• Linking of functions at the click of the mouse at the PC or
by pressing a key on the device
Minimum expenditure of time:
• Only the inputs and outputs need to be wired
• Simultaneous wiring diagram generation and control
cabinet installation
Reduced costs:
• Many switchgear technology functions are integrated
High flexibility:
• Functions are simply modified at the push of a button
• Variants for different operating voltages
• Modular design, can be expanded at any time

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